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Hoi An ~ Night 3

by on Dec.16, 2011, under Night ★, Photography, Smörgåsbord

After temple patrol and the Cam Nam Island adventure, we came back to the Hoi An old town for dinner, drinks and some more vespertine action…

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Hoi An ~ Temple Patrol & Cam Nam Island

by on Dec.15, 2011, under Day, Photography, Smörgåsbord

Well, just like in Saigon, we did a temple patrol in Hoi An, hitting up all the religious sites in one go (and this time I brought my camera).  Then we took a drive down the only road on Cam Nam island to the very end, where we found a boat… and a crazy plant that instantly retracts its leaves when touched.  I have a video somewhere…

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Hoi An ~ Night 1

by on Dec.03, 2011, under Night ★, Photography, Smörgåsbord

We flew from Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) to Da Nang, and then a short 30min drive to the town of Hoi An…… a slightly touristy, but extrememly beauitful town.  The center of the village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and thus historically preserved… the first night we took some bicycles into the town center, which is where I captured these.

Afterwards, we had some beers at Treat’s Bar for 10,000 VND a bottle… and if that isn’t a reason to come back, I don’t know what is.

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