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Shanghai MagLev @ 431 km/h

by on Jun.24, 2010, under Day, Photography, Smörgåsbord

Opening in 2004, the Shanghai Magnetic Levitation Train (official | wiki), was the first commercial high-speed maglev in the world, recording a [non-commercial] speed of  501 km/h (311 mph).  It connects Shanghai’s Pudong Airport with Longyang metro station in the outskirts of Shanghai (restricted to 430km/h).  The 30km trip takes just over 7 minutes and I must admit is somewhat pointless as you still have to transfer to metro line 2 for another 20 minutes before you are in the city center… but it sure is fast!

The planned 200km extention (via South Railway Station, which is 3 metro stops away from my house!) was halted in 2008 due to radiation fears, but has since resumed (underground) and will connect Pudong Airport with Hongqiao Airport (55km in roughly 15 minutes) and extend to the city of Hangzhou. 

I apologize for the dismal photography, but I was using a point-n-shoot (and shooting through windows), and was going to the airport to pick up my Mom who is visiting for 3 weeks… hence, not carrying my Canon in the 36C weather.


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